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Tripping to Taman Negara , Pahang!!!!

this time i went there with my classmate, F6....... i was a bit late to board the bus,huh sorry.... arrived there about 10.30.....we were welcomed by riang2 or an insect that make loud screeching sound... but the best is our room were air-conditioned and had a hot shower!!!!
brekkie nasi lemak...

the next day, we were going to jungle tracking. its quite exhausting yet its fun to be in the nature...luckily pacat dun suck my blood...huhu... naik canopy walk...
so high above the ground

the most x best was climbing bukit teresik, i fell on the ground n almost cried bcoz so penat,lenguh n mood nak take pic..

ptang tu best sbab main rapid shooting....main die pakai sye no 2 semua ada 3 group....main macam water war,splash2 water to other group...lecun kot n not fair ble group sye duk tgah2 antara group laen n dapat serangan from both side but tu la yg SYOK GILER lpas pnat panjat bukit dgan xmandi...heh.... then pi rumah org asli kaum batek....they come from papua new ginea lo…

doodle hasil masuk segmen

comel kan!!! thanks sangat2 to apit for this cute doodle.....comel  jgak klu bwat header ni

Segmen : Saya Join, Pasti Dapat Doodle

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saya nak tag: kecik aten shiema
nak join kat sini 

Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound (Hunger Games)

love it!!!!!!!

yppah yadhtrib ot em!!!!

guess what today is my birthday...... so happy bcoz 'my friends' wished me but a little sad  as yesterday is quite a sad day for me  i got free call n msj for today...but my credit expired luckily my atm card back to normal...and i can topup.. i got a few present..

 TQ to all my fren.....i;m so touched by your kindness...............

Shidasyakirin Giveaway

Giveaway bermula dari 02/02/2012 - 14/02/2012
jom sertai giveaway ni ramai2...senang je kat gamba ni

Tripping to Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang!!

best sangat pi lawatan kali ni ..dah la free plak tu....rugi klu x pegi..