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counting days~

this is what i'm going to study for the next 6 semester as a marine technology  student (AS234). im in part1 now, nothing different during foundation years just no CTU replaced by CSC....luckily im exempt from kesatria because i attended plkn..huhu....can't wait for sem2 n 3...i want to learn swimming and japanese language....

last friday i went UK to get my HPV vaccination...a little pain but later i felt dizzy and throwed up....hehe...maybe because im so nervous before...and went back to Cengal 1 by  UK's van...1st time fun~ only 4 days to goes before im coming home in SP....why does time feel so slow to past..... :(

Life in here...

It's only been couple of week..but my life has been so hectic with lab report, quiz,'s fine with it.normal for any university student...i wish i had someone to laugh together and cry together...through thick and thin... :( but im grateful for Allah blessing , maybe this is just His test to me...

10 hari telah berlalu~~~

Sepuluh hari dah berlalu sedar tak sedar kita umat Islam berpuasa dalam bulan Ramadan ni....bulan Ramadan ni bulan ibadat, so apa ibadat sunat yang boleh kita buat? Klik sini sekarang baru tahu lagi dulu duduk asrama masa sekolah beruntung sangat sebab skol buat macam2 program...solat terawih, ceramah [Ustaz Mansor :)], usrah, kuliah jumaat dll.... bila teringat balik rindu pulak nak buka puasa ramai2...huhu... ni la masa kita untuk kumpul pahala so don't forget to grab it before Ramadan ends... it only comes once in a year and we never knew if we'll meet it again.. maybe it's our last one, who knows? but don't leave ibadat wajib ,ok...


Save our soul. That's how i felt a few days ago....i couldn't believe it myself, i could get onto newspaper front page too.... sound dramatic but it really's been rough times for my family rite now since we just moved into a new environment,new neighbours...hopefully things will get better in the coming days... may this Ramadan will be my start to more meaningful life...Insyallah.....

EURO 2012: Spain VS Italy

love this pic

I watched it last night at about 2.45 a.m. in my country Malaysia.... in the beginning i support Germany but they lost to Italy so support Spain they won 4-0 against Italy..huhu.. but expected more from Italy since they beated Germany... ooh well..Spain shown great team work maybe that's why they won.... CONGRATULATION!!!!

Huh Gak (허각) - One Person (BIG 빅 OST) [download]

this song is sad too....his voice so heartbreaking~ download here

Noel (노을) - If You Love (BIG 빅 OST) [download]

another OST... download here

BEAST - Hateful Person (BIG 빅 OST) [download]

love it & B2ST sing this song!!! download  here ....

Davichi (다비치) - Because It's You (BIG 빅 OST) [download]

so sad this song...i dedicate it to someone that i used to know...
download here

Brand New Style...

Notice any changes..huhuhu...suddenly i felt like i wanna  makeover my blog for a refreshing look. more kawaii... that header so hard to make but it turn out pretty... and i included my prince , cute cute cute...... edit template a few time too...

Boyfriend - Love Style MV



OMG!!!  Just watched the 1st episode of Big but i still want to see more. No wonder b'coz  the drama written by the Hong Sisters that wrote for Secret Garden, My GF is Gumiho,You're Beautiful & many more.
The story about 18-year-old Kang Gyung-Joon's (Shin Won-Ho) spirit suddenly becomes transplanted in the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) . Seo-Yon-Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung). Gil Da-Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18-year old Kang Gyung-Joon. More problems ensue when 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae falls in love with another woman (Bae Suzy)!!.
Another soul switching drama from Hong Sisters. Shin WonHo so cuteeee...huhu...Don't tell me that he gonna end up with his teacher , i wanna him with Suzy....i'm soo anticipating this drama!!! Shi Won Ho
here some sneak peak:
some trailer:

MBC Korean Music Wave in Google

i watch it live yesterday on youtube on MBC kpop channel....did u see it?? da concert held at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View,California. i have to watch  it again coz it so slow like a snail....for sure B2ST is the best....huhu...wish i could them live.... why u no held da concert in malaysia but in thailand already twice ??? no fair ..malaysia have da same climate like thailand ...wae?? huhu juz joking no hard feeling, k? ~fanny n taeyeon act as mc~  artists performing were KARA,B2ST,WONDER GIRLS, GIRLS GENERATION [m.i.a.  yuri n yoona] ,SUPER JUNIOR, TVXQ ,f(x) ,SISTAR n MBLAQ...

Kuroshitsuji OVA: Ciel in Wonderland !!!

Kyaaaaaa...............i never know about this OVA until i googled ciel phantomhive last night... ciel look 'kawai nee' in alice dress...
handsome adult ciel...look exactly like his father Vincent nee?  cute ciel .....kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa..................... finally Sebastian rescue him from Queen of Red Heart..... i can guess the ending when the charges read to him and what the witness said so sad the ending.....

Busker Busker - Yeosu Night Sea Lyrics [hangul+english]

~Hangul~ yeosu bambada i jomyeonge damgin areumdaun yaegiga isseo
nege deullyeojugopa jeonhwal georeo mwohago innyago
naneun jigeum yeosu bambada yeosu bambada a a a a a a a neowa hamkke geotgo sipda
i badareul neowa hamkke geotgo sipeo
i georireul neowa hamkke geotgo sipda
i badareul neowa hamkke geotgo sipeo yeosu bambada yeosu bambada i barame geollin al su eomneun hyanggiga isseo
nege jeonhaejugopa jeonhwal georeo mwohago innyago
naneun jigeum yeosu bambada yeosu bambada a a a a a a a a neowa hamkke geotgo sipda
i badareul neowa hamkke geotgo sipeo
i georireul neowa hamkke geotgo sipda
i badareul neowa hamkke neowa hamkke o bada i jomyeonge damgin areumdaun yaegiga isseo
nege deullyeojugopa jeonhwal georeo mwohago innyago
naneun jigeum yeosu bambada yeosu bambada
a bada aaa haaaa haaoo ha aaa heoo aaaa mwohago innyago naneun jigeum yeosu bambada

~English~ The Yeosu night sea - there is a beautiful story underneath this light
I want to let you hear it so I call you - you ask what I'm doin…

Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending Lyrics [hangul+english]

~Hangul~ geudaeyeo geudaeyeo geudaeyeo geudaeyeo
oneureun uri gachi georeoyo i georireul
bame deullyeooneun jajangnorae eotteongayo oye
mollatdeon geudaewadandurisonjapgo al su eomneun i tteollimgwa duri georeoyo
bombaram hwinallimyeo
heutnallineun beotkkot ipi
ullyeo peojil i georireul uu duri georeoyo
bombaram hwinallimyeo
heutnallineun beotkkot ipi
ullyeo peojil i georireul uu duri georeoyo oye
geudaeyeo uri ije son jabayo i georie
machim deullyeooneun sarang norae eotteongayo oye
saranghaneun geudaewa dan duri sonjapgo al su eomneun i georireul duri georeoyo
bombaram hwinallimyeo
heutnallineun beotkkot ipi
ullyeo peojil i georireul uu duri georeoyo
bombaram hwinallimyeo
heutnallineun beotkkot ipi
ullyeo peojil i georireul uu duri georeoyo baram bulmyeon ulleongineun gibun tase nado moreuge
baram bulmyeon jeopyeoneseo geudaeyeo ni moseubi jakku gyeopchyeo

o tto ulleongineun gibun tase nado moreuge

IU named song after favourite fruit PEACH...

New fresh song from IU from single Twenty Year Old Spring...such a sweet mellow voice ~The single has a total of three tracks including her self-composed song, "Peach," "Day's End" and "Don't Like Her."
The lyrics for "Peach" was written by IU herself, with the triangle and recorder music also played by her. Guitar was done by Lee Jongmin. The track has been described as having a loveable feeling without having the "dark sounds revealing deep internal emotions in her previous songs." The track has been named "Peach" due to IU's love for the fruit and word, and "a nickname she wants to give to her lover to deliver the vibe she gets when pronouncing the word."

Busker Busker [버스커 버스커] , New K- Indie Band

A Korean male indie band that become known for their participation in Superstar K3.They are runner up of Mnet's K3 copetition. The group is comprised of two Koreans and one American. The band - comprised of Jang Beom Jun (lead vocals/guitar), Kim Hyung Tae (bass), and Brad Moore (drums, fom US) - made their official debut on March 29, and now immediately soar to the No. 1 spot on this week's Billboard K-Pop Hot 100!
All 11 tracks of their first studio album, "Cherry Blossom Ending," were written and composed by none other than the vocalist himself.Almost every track from the album charted big  on the Billboard K-Pop Chart; not to mention holding five of the ten spots in the Top 10.My favourite one is obviously Cherry Blossom Ending.The song is so catchy and i felt like sakura petals really fall on me....i recommend yeosu night sea...
here is the list of their songs in the 1st album: 1.Spring Wind (Opening Track, instrumental) 2.First Love
3.Yeosu Night Sea 4.Cherry Blossom…

Nisekoi by Komi Naoshi

Lately, i've been reading this kawai..about a girl ,Chitoge Kirisaki with yakuza family and a boy ,Ichijou Raku with gangster family... both of their families had bussines rivalry in order settle  the problem Kirisaki and Raku had to be lovers Their whole class know about..but they actually pretended to be lovey dovey. so far its already 24 chapters and it still on going....hopefully it become into anime

Iryuu Team Medical Dragon Review 😍

its been so long since i blog anything....huhu..anyways i wanna blog about my new addiction.... Iryuu Team Medical Dragon!!!

hait! huhu it's all b'coz of KOIKE TEPPEI😍 He acted as Ijyuuin Noboru a nerdy's already had 3 season..huhu..adapted from original manga by Akira Nagai. Hard to watch on youtube..does any anyone have the link to watch free??? feel free to comment okay...
Ryutaro Asada, a renegade but brilliant surgeon, was being framed for a misdiagnosis and let go by the North Japanese Hospital. He went into exile and lived in a seaside shack when he was visited by Akira Kato, assistant professor of the Faculty of Cardiac Surgery at Meishin University Medical Hospital.
Despite being a female doctor, Akira managed to become an assistant professor. She was ambitious and set her goal to be promoted to full professor by succeeding in a surgery using the Batista technique — an extremely difficult type of heart surgery — and to write a paper on it. A year ago,…

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

currently...reading this manga......i'm so addicted to this

[nyum nyum] Spagetti !!!

Image and my sis again made spagetti..... ok i'm only help a bit cut here n there fortunely,it turned out well....nomu nomu oishi!!! huhu maybe next time we try to bake...ahhh, thinking bout it make me hungry already....anticipate it!!!

nyum nyum....

outing with my sis

yesterday we got bored n we decided to sis driving she drive better now luckily.... we also looky2 at kerja kosong... huhu ....since we got many times to spend..
nyum nyum...1 large root beer with float pliz....

my life recently.......

i'm finally back HOME!!!!  at last......hope everything went well with the final exam......
so sad to leave my home for almost 6 month in puncak alam , R3 level 8 room no 5...especially my love n cute roommate kecik ...gonna mish u...n all my house mates too <3 to my best friends too...fatin, shahirah n shabo..thanks for accepting me n being my friend....may Allah bless u all..... from right, shahirah n fatin ..shabo in front of fatin...taken after finish taking ctu in exam hall
good bye puncak alam place where thought me many things and left me precious memories... good luck to u all....hopefully we meet again soon.......

[FINAL EP] Shakugan no Shana Season iii final / 灼眼のシャナepisode 24 review

Pheles and Johan joined together to create a new life, a baby, that is part human, part denizen. 
Shana had that final showdown with Yuji and Margery and Thousand Changes had their showdown and Margery actually managed to kill him off finally!...kinda cute relationship between them in the end... Everyones lives returned to normal and the girl that Yuji first saw turned into a torch was saved too! And the best of all, Shana fought Yuji with all her strength and he finally understood and accepted her feelings for him. She confessed her love to him !!!! 

finally both of them can be together~~~ <3 It ended with them walking hand-in-hand to their new future in their new world ...
FINALLY!!!!....after 3 seasons at last it ends beautifully the way i would expected i almost cried watching the last scene....

The ending to Shakugan no Shana was flawless!  I was filled with many emotions but happiness and joy were the best!  Misaki City was fully restored and Yuji’s true wish was revealed! He just …

Brand New Song...

recently, i heard couple of awesome new songs like : 1.Skinny Love by BIRDY so talented she's only 15...
2.Video Games by Lana Del Rey

3.Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye ft.Kimbra this one nice his voice