Friday, 19 October 2012

counting days~

this is what i'm going to study for the next 6 semester as a marine technology  student (AS234).
im in part1 now, nothing different during foundation years just no CTU replaced by CSC....luckily im exempt from kesatria because i attended plkn..huhu....can't wait for sem2 n 3...i want to learn swimming and japanese language....

last friday i went UK to get my HPV vaccination...a little pain but later i felt dizzy and throwed up....hehe...maybe because im so nervous before...and went back to Cengal 1 by  UK's van...1st time fun~
only 4 days to goes before im coming home in SP....why does time feel so slow to past..... :(

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Life in here...

It's only been couple of week..but my life has been so hectic with lab report, quiz,'s fine with it.normal for any university student...i wish i had someone to laugh together and cry together...through thick and thin... :( but im grateful for Allah blessing , maybe this is just His test to me...
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